The Job Hunt And The Departure.

After the tourist stuff came the fear. We were spending money without an income for the first time in years. Admittedly we had a fair chuck of savings stored up. We also had a fair chunk of paranoia stored up too. That's the problem with travelling- You read all these amazing blogs saying how cheaply … Continue reading The Job Hunt And The Departure.


Awkward meetings and moments.

You will encounter hundreds of these when travelling. You will be hanging out at the beach with someone you think is a cool guy and they will exclaim " Death to Muslims". Then your left sitting on a beach next to them thinking "well he is a little bit racist but he is also my … Continue reading Awkward meetings and moments.

CID TO THE KNEE. (Sydney… for those who didn’t work that out).

The first stop on the big adventure. You really don't get much bigger than Sydney when it comes to cities. ranking in at one of the top 5 in the world for size. it was intimidating if i'm honest. All those tall buildings looming over you, breathing down your neck.  I couldn't help but think … Continue reading CID TO THE KNEE. (Sydney… for those who didn’t work that out).