Awkward meetings and moments.

You will encounter hundreds of these when travelling. You will be hanging out at the beach with someone you think is a cool guy and they will exclaim ” Death to Muslims”. Then your left sitting on a beach next to them thinking “well he is a little bit racist but he is also my lift back to the hostel. ” and so, your morals are compromised.

Luckily, I didn’t quite have it so bad in Sydney as that (That did in fact happen tho, later in my trip). Sydney was a learning curve in what is socially acceptable to other travellers. For example, with all my German friends me and Forbez had made I had to make a conscious effort not to mention world war 2. Not because I am patriotic and like to gloat we won (we totally did though.) It’s just I don’t really know anything about Germany apart from that.  I also find if Forbez does something I disagree with my default insult goes to ‘You’re a Nazi’ when Germans are nearby. Then she always gives me a look that just says, ‘You can’t say that’ which unsurprisingly I tend to get a lot.

Real awkwardness does not stem from Cultural differences but from social issues. Such as forgetting people’s names.

For the record, I am awful at names, so developed a variety of tactics to help me remember them.

  1. Nicknames- The saving grace here is you can make up a nickname for someone and if it sounds at least half funny it will stick and be a hell of a lot easier to remember.
  2. Facebook friend-If someone has already told you there name, you have forgotten just hand them your phone and say ” find yourself on Facebook and send a friend request from my account” . That way as soon as they return their phone you can pretend to be having a snoop on their profile when really your just reminding yourself of their name.
  3. Adopt the Australian mannerism-Just don’t refer to people by name. It is Australia, everyone’s real name is ‘Mate’ or as I would later learn doing my farm work ‘Cunt’.
  4. Just don’t make friends. Ever.

Four is a bit dramatic but You do occasionally meet that kind of person.

Turns out also that if you start calling everyone ‘Cunts’ and you’re not Australian it is frowned upon. Very frowned upon.


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