Bondi Beach.

Me and Forbez allotted a day for this adventure, we even recruited some of our ever growing German contingent to come too. We wanted to see the sun blaze down on the white sand, the surfers tearing up the waves. Music blaring and the odd Frisbee in flight.

You’ve all heard of it. Bondi beach. Famous for its large Christmas gathering, surfing and generally cool vibe. A backpacker must do coupled with the walk to Coogee via the coastal path. Have you ever watched Bondi Rescue? We came to see lifeguards save the shit out of people.

Instead we were greeted by this.

More like a quiet sea side village beach than one of the coolest locations in the world.

It looked more like a Scottish beach in spring than the prime spot to chill out in Australia. Hindsight tells me this is what happens when you visit Australia during its cooler ‘winter’ months.

The day wasn’t that bad until we started walking to Coogee. I soon noticed a trend in the people jogging by- The only real people out braving this bitterly cold Australian weather shirtless- Every single one was deeply tanned with perfect hair and absolutely ripped. I mean six pack and guns that could lift cars. If the hulk had kids and painted them light brown they were running around Bondi that day. The only six packs on British beaches is of beer. Usually belonging to overweight drunk guys and gals stuffed into swimwear 6 sizes to small trying to find their neglected children.

Now not to say there is anything wrong with keeping yourself fit but please do it away from me. My pale complexion- fresh off the plane, coupled with my stick like vegetarians body suddenly was a cause for some soul searching.

18052936_10210759002349545_1100808009_n - Copy
At least Forbez is pretty. So that is a consolation right?

The walk itself was something else, worth every penny we paid for it. WHICH WAS NOTHING. ( It’s the top free thing to do in Sydney #Tripadviser). Got some great shots, which lets not lie, is what holidaying is all about these days. No one cares how it was at the time so long as your Insta is looking sweet as. We can always tell ourselves after we had the time of our lives when we look back at it.

So that was Bondi, No shark attacks, Surfing or dramatic rescues. I was left with an inferiority complex and body issues (or as Forbez would say ‘Goals Drew, goals.’ ) but it was totally worth it to see that scenery!

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