The Job Hunt And The Departure.

After the tourist stuff came the fear.

We were spending money without an income for the first time in years. Admittedly we had a fair chuck of savings stored up. We also had a fair chunk of paranoia stored up too. That’s the problem with travelling- You read all these amazing blogs saying how cheaply you can do it but what they don’t say is how easy it is to spent $5 on chocolate milk when your walking around all day in the heat. Or how easy it is to blow $30 on carry out food after a day of activities.

Not that you should feel sorry for us, It’s one of the better traps to fall into in life. Like Heroin*.

Our job search begun as they all do these days. On the internet. The issue with this is Australia is a bit backwards when it comes to internet. Its slow and expensive. So we opted to try the free to use computers at our local Peter pans travel agency

This place was cool. Instead of chairs they had swinging benches hanging via chains from the ceiling and the entire floor was covered in fake grass and bean bags. A real chill backpacker spot. Later in our travels I would befriend workers of a different Peter Pans. They were party animals. one negative review on their website was after a pretty heavy night they had come into the store to purchase some trips to find a used condom amongst the fake grass. Heroes.

Anyways, we tried a range of backpacker sites but the one that eventually-after three days of frantic searching and refining our C.V- We found work on was Gumtree.

The next issue?

The job was 1285.6 km away ( yes. I pulled that from google maps. Cheers. ) In a small Place called Bundaberg. Home of rum and ginger beer ( well… according to the factory tour guide we would later encounter).

Ever been that blinded by your desire for cash your happy to spend 400 dollars on flights and travel half way up a country that you intended to take your time to explore? To live with complete strangers and work on a farm doing unspecified stuff? It was like going from ” okay we might need to pick up a bit of work”  to “RED ALERT IF WE MISS THIS JOB WE MIGHT AS WELL GO HOME” pretty fucking fast.

Maybe we just saw doller signs and got greedy.

So we made our goodbyes to our German contingent of friends  and made our way to the airport.

Goodbye Sydney.

Yet another Opera house picture. Because. Sydney.

Heres the thing with paranoia. You spend half the time without it but as soon as a tiny doubt creeps into your mind, your mind starts freaking.

We arrived at the airport and I realised two things.

A: I still didn’t have a new i.d. Would they even let me fly?

B: We are flying half way across the country to live with/work with a couple we were too nervous to call and had exchanged roughly 6 text messages with.  My mind was screaming we are going to be murdered and buried by some dusty roadside. Not a bad end, at least it would generate some mystery, but not something I was overly keen on.

We arrived in Brisbane and made our connection. A little two propeller plane that looked like it could hold 30 people but was only carrying 8. Me and Forbez looked at each other and said ‘Where the hell are we going’? The twin propeller engines kicked into life and looked like they would just as easily kick out of life should we encounter so much as a small gust of wind in mid air.

up. up and away! We launched into the sky on what would be a 45 min journey writing mental notes on why it was our fault we were going to die, either in the sky or by some random Australian farmer sorts when we landed..

And land we did! huzzah! The heat and humidity hit us as soon as we stepped off the plane, dust whipping up in a breeze that was neither refreshing nor cool.

Bundaberg. if only we knew what a place it would be, we might of just gotten back on the plane and taken our chances.


*Heroin is bad kids.

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